In the middle of
the trees
Together with
your love

Kampina staete
the park

If you really want to escape from daily stress and enjoy the most beautiful nature of Brabant from a tiny Cottage, Lodge or trendy Diamond Suite, you have come to the right address! All accommodations are stylishly furnished and completely blend in the environment; the entire park has been planted in the style of the surrounding forests. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, croaking frogs and enjoy the breakfast-surprise at your doorstep in the morning sun. Put on your walking shoes and walk straight into the Oisterwijkse forests or nature reserve De Kampina. As an enthusiastic guest said: “We had such a lovely stay …just relaxing, sleeping late and enjoying the sound of the early birds. Then, wandering in the surrounding nature. This was exactly what we needed!”

Diamond Suite
Diamond Suite

Our newest addition! The Diamond Suite. Trendy tine houses. You sleep in wonderful boxspring beds and you can cook in the spacious kitchen. And of course there is a dishwasher!


Going out for a romantic weekend together? Or being active in the healthy forest air? Book this cosy cottage now!


We have new spacious lodges for those who need additional space and want to prepare delicious meals. Enjoying both nature and luxury!

There is something for everyone

Do you want to enjoy an active weekend on your bike in the beautiful surroundings of Oisterwijk? Or do you want to enjoy a romantic weekend with just the two of you? Or let the kids rump around in nature? Or a combination of all of this? Everything is possible! There are numerous possibilities!